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Established 1980

Bluegrass Unlimited Cover

"After listening to a Bluegrass Patriots set, it's also difficult to name just one high point. There are several: Glenn Zankey's powerful, expressive lead vocals; Willie McDonald's sonwriting skills and spirited, bluesy mandolin--especially the backup licks that sound like they came straight from Bill Monroe's old Gibson; "Ranger" Rick Bradstreet's haunting resonator guitar and his intricately perfect duets with Zankey on twin guitars; Danny Rogers' original material and clear, high bluegrass tenor; plus the solid, driving, laughing punch from Ken Seaman's banjo." - Bluegrass Unlimited, February 1996

More samples from press coverage the Patriots have received over the years:

"It shows what talent and stability can do for a band...the selection of material on the Maggie album deserves high praise as it allows for a total expression of their diverse talents, both vocally and instrumental." - KUMR's Bluegrass Pickin' Times

"This is hard-core bluegrass, power packed, punchy and passionate - played and sung by some fellows who are totally familiar with how the real stuff ought to be done." - Ray Hicks, Bluegrass Now

"It's all here -- great singing, songs and picking." - Victory Review, Seattle

"...the Patriots symbolize to me the type of commitment that makes bluegrass what it is." - Peter Wernick

"Just when I thought that the music couldn’t get any better the Bluegrass Patriots began their set. The Fort Collins band played a wide range of songs from “Last Waltz” to “Not a Word from Home” and “More and More.” Their acappella “Land Where No Cabins Fall” was wonderful. You could almost see the old time radio on the table with the family gathered around it listening. “If You Don’t Love Your Neighbor, You Don’t Love God” was a real crowd-pleaser. " - Joanne Dodds, Pueblo Chieftan